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Foreigner-Friendly Apartments in Iwaki, Fukushima

Iwaki, a Japanese city located in the Fukushima prefecture, is located along the Pacific coast. Some highlights of the city include its breathtaking limestone caves, Abukumado, the majestic temple hall of Shiramizu Amidado and the captivating aquarium with exotic fish on display.

If you’re thinking about moving to Iwaki to pursue job opportunities here, you will be glad to know that the city has lots for you to see and do. Looking for an affordable, comfortable place to live in may not be easy. With that in mind, Village House makes your apartment-hunting process effortless for you.

Starting at a low cost of around ¥27,000 and with no need for key money or deposits*, finding a budget-friendly apartment can be easy. We offer a range of different types of apartments all around the city. Our team of friendly housing specialists looks forward to assisting you in selecting one that fits your living needs.

Start your search with us and find one you will love from which you can start exploring Iwaki.

Find Comfortable and Cheap Iwaki Apartments for Rent

It is important to consider your living needs and preferences when searching for an apartment in Iwaki. Wish to have your workplace within walking distance or close to certain amenities? Or are you working within a budget and prefer to have the cost of your apartment fall within a certain price range?

If you’re an ALT or English teacher, it would be convenient to have schools close by to your apartment. For example, Village House Tairayamazaki is only a 5-minute walk from both Hotaru Nursery, making it a great choice. It’s also convenient to travel to other parts of the city as the Kusano Station on the Jōban Line (Iwaki - Sendai) Is about a 20 minute walk away too. Village House Nakoso is another great option as Iwaki Municipal Nishiki Elementary School is right next to the apartment building and Iwaki Municipal Nishiki Kindergarten is just a 5-minute walk away.

Consider also the size of the apartment and the number of bedrooms it comes with. You can rent cozy 2K apartments in Village House Iwakifor an attractive price of around ¥33,000, making it an excellent choice for friends or a young couple.

If you prefer more living room space, Village House Onahama offers a lovely 2LDK bedroom apartment that allows you space to unwind in the evenings or entertain friends over the weekends – priced starting from around ¥46,000.

For larger families, Village House Tairanumanouchi offers 3DK apartments that come with extra bedrooms and start at a reasonable price of around ¥31,000. All our apartments are also in close proximity to amenities such as the bank and post office, as well as the public transport system – making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize convenience.

Explore our full list of Village House apartments in Iwaki for rent to find one that is suitable for you today.

FAQs About Living in Iwaki

1. What are some of the benefits of choosing Village House?

There are several benefits to choosing to live in Village House. You have access to benefits such as:

  • Moving Support (1 month’s worth of rent (up to ¥30,000). This amount will be applied to your total initial move-in costs, which can also include the curtains and ceiling lights that you order through the Nitori campaign offered by us.
  • One month free rent
  • Moving company discount coupon
  • Refer-a-friend offer (a QUO card worth 10,000 yen to the referrer and 1 month of free rent for your friend (new residents only).

Please note however that these offers are only available for some Village House properties. We will gladly provide more information and details during your apartment visit.

2. How do I apply to rent an apartment in Iwaki with Village House?

In order to apply to rent an apartment in Iwaki, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • Application Forms
  • ID Card with Photo
  • Copy of Income Certificate (Most recent payslip, salary statement, pension receipt, etc)
  • Copy of the Bank Book (The bank book of the account you receive your salary and the account you would like to use for the rent payment)
  • Insurance Documents

Do note that we may require you to submit other documents, depending on the evaluation process.

3. Can I apply for a room that is not currently available?

It would not be possible to apply for rooms that are not available. However, we provide a notification service that provides you with more information about newly vacant rooms. If you would like to use the vacancy notification service, please contact the Sumai Soudan Center. Please bear in mind that applications are on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you find an apartment in Iwaki you love, submit your application documents so you are a step closer to securing it!

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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